Causes and Risk Factors of Nursing Home Abuse

Causes and Risk Factors of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse encompasses a wide variety of problems like verbal, physical, and financial abuse that can manipulate and psychologically scar the elderly. When we hear about such abuse, many of us often wonder what could possibly bring any normal person to abuse or take advantage of a defenseless community. If you have ever been abused during your stay in a nursing home or if you suspect abuse, then know that you can seek compensation by contacting an Oklahoma nursing home abuse lawyer.

Common Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

No one usually starts out as the archetypal evil person who abuses others. There is a whole set of factors and sub-factors that lead to the abuse seen in nursing homes. Due to the complex Causes and Risk Factors of Nursing Home Abusenature of these various factors, the best we have is correlations based on studies. The main reasons for nursing home abuse all have to do with a lack of resources, which strains an otherwise healthy system.

This includes shortages in staff, underpaid workers, and poor training of nurses and other staff members. Abuse often continues from a lack of adequate supervision and accountability. If staff members are not punished for their abusive behaviors, then the abuse is likely to continue.

Psychology Behind Nursing Home Abuse

Caregiver stress can play a big role in the development of abuse patterns towards the elderly. A caregiver’s personal problems like mental illness, addiction, financial problems, or family problems at home can build up to the point of using the elderly to relieve stress through abuse. Some people have been known to take out their personal problems on “safe” targets that cannot lash back.

Many residents in nursing homes have dementia or Alzheimer’s, which can cause them to act aggressively or abusive to the caregiver. A caregiver who struggles with self-control, lacks training, or takes this abuse personally may then lash back at the elderly resident who strikes first.

Risk Factors for Nursing Home Abuse

Risk factors for being abused in a nursing home revolve around mental and physical impairments as people increase in age. Functional dependence on others to live has been correlated with an increased risk of emotional and financial abuse amongst the elderly. Dementia and other cognitive impairments are also highly tied with abuse by caregivers. This may be due to the high stress that can come with caring for someone struggling with dementia. Not everyone can handle high stress as well as others. Abusive caregivers tend to have mental health issues like anxiety, substance abuse histories, and dependence on the elderly for emotional support.

Where to Find an Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you are living in a nursing home and have been abused by any staff member, please do not hesitate to seek help to end the abuse. To seek compensation for your physical and emotional injuries, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to find an Oklahoma nursing home abuse lawyer who will work with you to obtain a fair settlement. We offer a free consultation, so call us today if you have questions or concerns.