Causes of Teen Car Accidents

Causes of Teen Car Accidents

Each year, we hear about more car accidents involving teenage drivers. The news is unfortunate, but researchers have been working to pinpoint common causes of teen car accidents so we can find ways to prevent them. Some causes extend beyond teenagers as universal causes of car accidents, but many are exclusive to teen drivers. Understanding them may help teen drivers avoid the negative aftermath of a car accident in the future. However, if you or a loved one has experienced a car accident caused by someone else, be sure to contact an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer.

Suspected Causes of Teen Car Accidents

There are eight leading causes of car accidents listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They include driving at night, driving with multiple passengers, driver inexperience, distractions, drowsy driving, reckless driving, impaired driving, and avoiding seatbelt use.

Causes of Teen Car AccidentsDriving at night is one of the examples of a universal danger for drivers. Any driver who drives at night runs a small risk for having a car accident. The risk of a car accident increases significantly when you add other factors like bad weather, distractions, and drowsy driving. However, teenagers are unique because they have less driving experience than others. Driving at night as an inexperienced driver can pose more of a risk than if the driver had years of driving experience.

Statistics support the notion that the more passengers a teen driver has with them, the more likely a car accident will happen. The loud conversations, laughing, or arguments that come with multiple passengers can pose as distractions. Other distractions include cell phone or GPS usage.

Some teens may experience overconfidence or might try to impress their friends with speeding, shifting lanes faster, or performing other risky driving behaviors that are considered reckless driving behaviors. Studies show that teens are more likely to underestimate dangerous situations. In terms of seatbelt use, only 59% of teen passengers report wearing a seatbelt. Not wearing a seatbelt has been known to lead to serious personal injuries during car accidents.

How Can We Reduce Teen Car Accidents?

Reducing teen car accidents requires spreading the message and parental intervention. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises parents to warn their teens about drinking while driving, avoiding seatbelt use, and other forms of risky driving. This may require reminders and examples on the news of other teens who passed away from car accidents. Telling your teen the truth and presenting reality will help ground their mindset in what could happen if they drive dangerously.

Set consequences for bringing too many passengers, texting while driving, or drinking alcohol while on the road. It is vital that you explain why these consequences exist; otherwise, your teen will write you off as an authority figure who does not understand. Make sure they understand that you are only warning them to protect them from harm.

Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer

Consider hiring an Oklahoma car accident lawyer if you are struggling financially after a car accident caused by a negligent driver. Compensation can be used to cover vehicle damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. You can call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 today for a free consultation. We will work with you to defend your rights.