Dangers of Driving at Night

Dangers of Driving at Night

Driving at night is common for adults with late-night jobs, college night classes, and hectic schedules. For teenagers, driving at night is common during school dances, dates, and hanging out with friends during the weekend. Knowing the risks of driving at night might be able to help you avoid an unexpected car accident. There are also certain things you can do to reduce your chances of an accident. If you were in an accident caused by another driver, be sure to talk to an experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer to explore your options for compensation. 

Car Accidents from Driving at Night

Between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., around 31% of teenagers in the U.S. between the ages of 16 to 17 were involved in fatal car accidents. These accidents happened between 2009 and 2014. Around 57% of the same age group experienced car accidents before midnight. Teenagers seem to experience more car accidents at night compared to other age groups.  

However, older drivers are also at risk when driving at night. With age, our vision and reaction time decreases. Road conditions at night can be difficult to see for almost anyone. Changing road Dangers of Driving at Nightconditions at night can be hard to spot until the last minute, which is why having a fast reaction time is important. Older people tend to be prescribed more medications than any other age group. Some medications can cause drowsiness. Drowsy driving poses serious risks at night. 

Adults who drive around twelve hours for their job as a truck driver also experience more accidents at night. Some truck drivers may work overtime or drive longer than necessary, both of which can induce drowsiness. 

How to Drive Safer at Night

There are several aspects of driving at night that make it risky. Seeing at night is difficult enough. This is why headlights can help, but headlights can only do so much for helping drivers see everything in front of them. For drivers over the age of 60, vision often becomes affected by cataracts and degenerative eye diseases. Age also gradually decreases our ability to see things accurately at night. Combat this by checking with your eye doctor yearly and driving slower on roads with poor lighting.

Driving at night comes with natural drowsiness during the evening as the body prepares for sleep. How drowsy you feel at night depends on your sleep schedule, how long you have been driving, and many other factors. Combat this by stopping to rest every two hours, taking a power nap if you find yourself falling asleep, and avoiding driving when you feel drowsy. 

Drunk drivers are also more common at night, which increases your chances of coming across one of them. Be mindful to keep your distance from swerving cars. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma 

If you have gotten into a car accident during the evening hours, recovering from damages after a crash can be expensive and tedious work. Insurance companies will try everything they can to avoid paying for your damages. Consider hiring an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer if you have been prevented from obtaining the compensation you need. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation today.