How Can a Police Report Help Me After a Car Accident?

How Can a Police Report Help Me After a Car Accident?

Filing a police report is one of the many steps people take after a car accident that resulted in significant damages. Some states mandate drivers to not leave the scene of the accident until police are called. In Oklahoma, police do not have to be called if there is only property damage but must be called if anyone was injured. Not calling the police in this situation could result in penalties. 

There are instances where filing a police report can help with your case and filing a car accident report with the DMV is mandatory. If you have questions about what you should do after a car accident, feel free to talk to an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer

When to File a Car Accident Report

Car accident reports inform the DMV of what type of car accident happened, who was involved, what injuries or other damages resulted, and potential causes of the accident. You are not mandated to report a car accident report to the DMV in every case. However, certain circumstances require you to file a car accident report or else face penalties. Potential penalties for not filing a police report include fines and a driver’s license suspension.

In Oklahoma, you must file a car accident report with the Department of Safety when the car accident resulted in injuries or property damages exceeding $300 in damages. In some cases, the police may not be able to file this report for you. For accidents involving multiple cars, all drivers would have to file a report. 

When the police arrive, it can be helpful to ask for an accident report form. This can save you time later because then you can start filling out the form right away.  

Advantages of a Police Report

Filing a police report is often key for obtaining the compensation you need to recover. Most insurance companies require a police report to accept your personal injury claim. A police report How Can a Police Report Help Me After a Car Accident?serves as evidence from a trusted authority that the accident happened and what damages resulted. Your claims adjuster will compare the police report with your claim to check for inconsistencies.

Even in minor car accident situations where police reports are not necessary, filing a police report is helpful for obtaining compensation. Some injuries do not show until days after the accident. The other driver may turn around and make a false claim against you that you will have to dispute in court. A police report can serve as a powerful claim against any false reports. 

Police reports also make the overall process easier for you, your lawyer, and the insurance company because the report is like a guide. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma 

Knowing when to file a police report or accident report can be important for whether you can receive compensation. Consider hiring an Oklahoma car accident lawyer if you were injured by the negligent actions of another driver. You may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation today.