How Dram Shops Laws Can Help You

How Dram Shops Laws Can Help You

The aftermath of a drunk driving car accident can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, seeking compensation from the insurance company after this type of accident is often not enough to cover all the damages. This is when seeking compensation from additional sources can be helpful. Under dram shop laws, you may be able to sue the shop owner who sold the drunk driver the alcohol. If you have questions about this process, be sure to talk to an experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer

What Are Dram Shop Laws?

Dram shop laws uphold a certain legal standard for sellers of alcohol, whether it be a bartender or a liquor store cashier. This standard expects sellers of alcohol to not sell alcoholic beverages of any kind to a person who is clearly too intoxicated to drive safely. Sellers who breach this standard may be liable for damages caused by the intoxicated driver. 

If you were injured and suffered significant car damages from a drunk driver, you could potentially sue the drunk driver and the person who sold the drunk driver alcohol. You can also seek compensation from your auto insurance company by filing a car accident or personal injury claim. How Dram Shops Laws Can Help YouFiling a claim with the insurance company or a lawsuit against a third party requires evidence.

Evidence can mean pictures, writing, documents, and witness testimonies. You should take pictures of your injuries and the accident scene along with the wreckage. Write down what happened, as much as you can remember before the memory fades. Collect witness statements, if possible, by writing them down along with witness contact information. Ask for a copy of the police report and of your medical records related to the accident. Reports like these can go a long way in cases like these. 

In the face of obstacles, try consulting with a lawyer. When obstacles become overwhelming, this may be a time to debate whether you should hire a lawyer. 

Consequences of Drunk Driving

The unfortunate reality is that drunk driving has never completely gone away. In 2018, there were 10,511 deaths from drunk driving accidents. If you lost a loved one to an accident like this, you may be able to sue for wrongful death. This can help cover funeral expenses in addition to pain and suffering. 

Drunk driving involves one main decision, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. The best thing to do if your BAC of 0.08% is to find a different way home. Anything is better than facing the legal charges of a drunk driving accident and the emotional distress that follows. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma 

Going up against insurance companies, drunk drivers, and alcohol sellers can be a lot to take on at once. Talking with a Personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma may be able to help you divide up these tasks in a manageable way. Depending on what happened, you could receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. You can call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds today at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation.