How Much Time Do You Have to File an Automobile Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

How Much Time Do You Have to File an Automobile Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Automobile crashes happen more than anyone would like to admit. There are umpteen reasons why they occur. Annually 30,000 Americans are killed in motor vehicle accidents. In 2013 alone, these crashes cost $44 billion in health and occupational loss expenses alone. This does not account for the endless strain and drains to the victims’ loved ones.

The top five reasons for deadly vehicular accidents in Oklahoma are:

  1. Driving over the speed limit
  2. Unrestrained passengers or drivers
  3. Falling victim to an individual who decided to drink and drive
  4. A driver not yielding when he or she should have
  5. Being hit by a motorist who was preoccupied (this could be due to anything from cell phone use, children or pets, or daydreaming about the day to come)

There is no good excuse for one driver to crash into another motor vehicle or person. Yet, it does happen. We each know the simple steps to take if this does occur: Call the police and 911 if anyone is injured, exchange identification and insurance information, partake in our part regarding the police report, and follow up with our insurance. It is good to remember not to admit fault or to exchange stories regarding what just happened with the other driver. Write down the details you wish to later recall. Take pictures as well.

Is there anything else that can be done? Make sure to check with a doctor. Sometimes, pain from injuries does not surface for months. Seek legal guidance before making statements to any insurance companies, including your own. Remember not to sign anything without the advice of an attorney! Attorneys can do more than just give us information.

How Long Do I Have to File A Legal Suit in Oklahoma?

How Much Time Do You Have to File an Automobile Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma?Filing a lawsuit is an option. In Oklahoma, you have two years to file this suit, if stipulations do not play into this time span, such as a governmental entity being involved in the crash. After the two years have passed, you’ve missed your statute of limitations. If you have met the time of the statute of limitations, it means that you are prohibited by law to make any claims following an injury. Statutes exist on both criminal and civil levels. The time span allotted is considered to begin at the time that your injury first was revealed.

Legal Help in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a great place to seek legal aid is the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates. Our attorneys Justin B. Reynolds and Billy P. Griffin can provide you and your loved ones with the legal assistance needed for you to be compensated for any damages you have endured due to a vehicular accident. We have vast experience in many focus areas. Some of these areas include personal injury, auto and truck accidents, and tribal casino liability. We also take on cases concerning motorcycle accidents, medical neglect, nursing home abuse, and product liability. Call us today at 405-721-9500 for a free consultation. Do not fall victim to the statute of limitations and miss your chance to receive some financial help during this hard time.