How Other Drivers Can Use Insurance Fraud Against You

How Other Drivers Can Use Insurance Fraud Against You

Insurance fraud can happen to almost anyone. Many drivers do not realize that insurance fraud not only happens to insurance companies but can also happen to them. Some people will stage a car accident or exaggerate their personal injuries to obtain more compensation from you through a lawsuit or your insurance company. Being aware of the various tactics of insurance fraud and staged car accidents may be able to help you avoid the negative legal and financial consequences that could result. Be sure to talk to an Oklahoma car accident lawyer if you suspect this has happened to you.   

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud involves lying, deceiving, or exaggerating insurance claims to obtain monetary compensation. The two main types of insurance fraud are hard fraud and soft fraud. Hard fraud is when a driver stages a car accident, whereas soft fraud happens when a driver or passenger exaggerates an insurance claim. 

An example of soft fraud would be when a driver who was in a car accident with you exaggerates the injuries they suffered from the accident with the intention of obtaining more compensation than they actually need. This could involve exaggerating pain and suffering or the seriousness of an How Other Drivers Can Use Insurance Fraud Against Youinjury, like a brain injury or bone fracture. 

Other examples of car insurance fraud involve submitting claims for accidents that never happened, filing more than one claim for one accident, and reporting higher financial losses. Reporting higher financial losses could mean claiming high car repair, medical expenses, or lost wages than the driver actually had to pay. 

Working with an experienced lawyer can help you clear up the chaos created by insurance fraud. A lawyer may be able to help you pull up contradictory evidence to point out inconsistencies in the other driver’s fraudulent insurance claims. This might help you avoid legal trouble and financial losses if the other driver is trying to submit a false claim with your auto insurance company. 

How Can Other Drivers Use Insurance Fraud Against Me?

Other drivers can use insurance fraud against you by making you lose money with higher insurance premiums and potential legal consequences if they involve you with their insurance claim. Drivers may also stage car accidents to trick you into thinking you caused the accident. Since Oklahoma is an at-fault state, this means you would be deemed at-fault and would have to cover the damages with your insurance. 

Common types of staged car accidents include drivers who speed up during merging to cause a collision, drivers who slam their brakes to cause a rear-end accident, and drivers who side-swipe other cars in inner left-turn lanes.  

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma 

Trying to avoid or escape an insurance fraud scam can be difficult to do when the other driver is skilled at deceiving others. You do not have to let yourself be taken in by a scam. Try talking to an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer if you suspect the other driver staged the car accident or is exaggerating the damages they suffered. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 today for a free consultation.