How to Avoid Distracted Driving

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Driving is a complicated process that does not receive enough proper recognition for how many actions are being performed at once. You have to look at the road, check your speedometer, apply pressure to the pedal or brakes, and remember where you are headed. Turning, passing cars, and trying to turn left at an intersection can further complicate this process. However, distractions like cell phone use, looking for something you dropped, or eating can add enough extra work and disrupt focus long enough to cause car accidents. If you were in an accident caused by a negligent driver, try talking to an Oklahoma car accident lawyer about the possibility of compensation.

Main Types of Distracted Driving

There are visual, manual, and cognitive forms of distractions that can disrupt normal driving behaviors. Visual distractions are probably the most obvious type because these include anything that takes the driver’s eyes off the road. This means looking for things on the floor, changing GPS directions, or texting.

How to Avoid Distracted DrivingManual distractions are what make drivers remove both hands from the steering wheel. People most often do this when eating or drinking, looking through a purse, and smoking. Some people try driving with their knees, but may lose their grip on the wheel.

Cognitive distractions involve thinking and perception, which guide our behaviors. If we misperceive something, this can lead to mistakes. Zoning out, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or arguing with a passenger can take the driver’s attention away from the road. Bad weather like heavy rain, fog, or hail storms can distort your perception of the road, increase anxiety, and alter normal driving behaviors when roads become slippery or lanes close.

What You Can do to Avoid Distracted Driving

There are multiple ways to reduce the effects of driving distractions. A good way to avoid multitasking on a long trip is to prepare adequately in advance. This means setting your GPS up before leaving the driveway, placing your food out so you can just use one hand to eat, or picking out three CDs so you can avoid digging through your CD folder for the right one.

If you find yourself zoning out or almost falling asleep, trade places with a passenger or pull off somewhere to take a break to wake yourself up. Long stretches of driving with little change can make almost anyone drowsy. Avoid using an electronic device while driving and if you have to, tell your passenger to send the text or pull over to the shoulder to send the message yourself.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma

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