Personal Injuries from Hit-and-Run Accidents

Personal Injuries from Hit-and-Run Accidents

Thousands of pedestrians become victims of a hit-and-run accident each year. Since pedestrians are not protected by car doors and windows, they are often left with more serious injuries. Depending on how fast the car was moving and where the person was hit, someone can suffer almost anything from bone fractures to severe head injuries. If you suffered significant personal injuries from a hit-and-run accident, you may be able to receive compensation. Talk to an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer to figure out your options.

Common Hit-and-Run Injuries

The most common types of hit-and-run injuries are soft tissue injuries, skin lacerations, and broken bones. Legs are often hit by the car first, which is why they remain at the top of the list for most common hit-and-run injuries.

Personal Injuries from Hit-and-Run AccidentsHead injuries are the second most common because as soon as the legs are hit, the person either lunges forward or backward from the force. An impact on the metal hood or asphalt can be serious enough to crack bones. All it takes is a rough impact to hit the brain against the side of the skull hard enough to inflict temporary or permanent brain damage.

Upper extremities are the next most common and mostly involve shoulders and arms. In terms of the abdomen, internal organ damage to the spleen and digestive system is not uncommon. Others can suffer rib breaks that can lead to respiratory problems if a lung becomes punctured.

Amongst the most severe injuries are head and thorax injuries. Head injuries can cause permanent damage and long-term disabilities. Thorax injuries can create breathing problems that can lead to death if left untreated. Severe head injuries can also lead to death and, in some cases, a coma.

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run

A hit-and-run accident leaves many people wondering how they can file a personal injury lawsuit if they have virtually no information about the other driver. The whole point of the other driver speeding away is so they do not have to end up paying for your damages in court. However, you may still have options.

Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered under uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. This type of coverage can be used to cover your medical expenses. You should also call the police so a police report can be filed. The more information you can give police about the other driver’s car, the more likely police will be able to locate the driver. Do not hesitate to also seek information from witnesses who were present.

Car Accident Attorney in Oklahoma

Collecting information after a hit-and-run can be tedious, especially if you are recovering from serious injuries. An Oklahoma car accident lawyer has the training necessary to handle hit-and-run cases. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation today. We will help you collect the evidence you need to increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

What Are the Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents?

What Are the Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents?

Most car accidents lead to serious consequences and your injuries can vary depending on the type of car accident you experience. Knowing the types of dangerous car accidents will help you prepare for what to expect and how to handle the situation if one of these car accidents happens to you. There are also things you can do after an accident to prevent further injury and increase your chances of obtaining enough compensation to cover most of your accident-related expenses. Contact an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer if you have questions about personal injury claims and how much compensation you can receive.

Main Types of Dangerous Car Accidents

Rear-end collisions push the car forward and increase the force pulling you back. This has led to whiplash injuries, spine fractures, and head injuries. Airbags and seatbelts are not as effective because they cannot stop you from impacting the back of your seat and most car seats are not made with soft materials.

What Are the Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents?Frontal collisions will cause your car to stop abruptly while your body continues to move forward. The forward motion of your body will cause your whole body to lunge forward. This is why airbags and seatbelts are designed to lessen the impact of this force. Common injuries are bone fractures and dislocations of the ankle, knee, and femur. Head injuries are also common, but may not be as severe as in other types of accidents.

Side collisions tend to push the head sideways, which can cause nerve damage in the neck. This can lead to chronic neck pain and psychological problems associated with that pain. Other common injuries are leg fractures and head injuries.

Rollover collisions are the most violent types of accidents. Seatbelts have little effect on controlling where your body hits the insides of the car. Airbags may not stop most of the damage unless your car has side airbags. Sharp broken glass can cause lacerations and the hard impacts can break bones and cause severe head injuries.

What to do After a Car Accident

It is important to know what to do after a car accident because, sometimes, one mistake can set you back on obtaining the compensation you need to recover. First, you need to move yourself and anyone else involved out of the way of oncoming traffic. However, avoid moving yourself or anyone who experiences severe neck or back pain if possible because one wrong move could worsen the injury. Call 911 regardless of whether you think the injuries are severe.

Take pictures of the accident and your injuries for evidence. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Put all this information together and send this to your insurance company as a personal injury claim.

Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

Some insurance companies will offer you fair compensation, but most will avoid this at all costs and will use tactics to offer you as little compensation as possible. Talk to an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer who can help you avoid unfair deals with insurance companies. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation today. We offer legal services for car accidents and nursing home abuse.

What if the Driver I Want to Sue is Uninsured?

What if the Driver I Want to Sue is Uninsured?

You experienced a car accident and came out with several personal injuries that ended up costing you thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages. After collecting evidence from the accident, you decide to file a personal injury claim because from what you recall, the accident was the other driver’s fault. Then, you find out the other driver is uninsured. What do you do next? The first thing you can do is check with the insurance company and the second thing you can do is call an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer who can help you with a lawsuit.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Checking with your insurance company can save you a lot of extra time devoted to filing a lawsuit because you may unknowingly have uninsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage is designed to protect you financially in the event that you experience a car accident in which the other driver has no insurance. Another name for this coverage is uninsured motorist bodily injury insurance.

Passengers are also covered by this type of insurance. However, there are limits placed on this coverage to prevent overcompensation. Split limits mean the coverage may change based on whether there is one person or multiple people injured from the accident. Combined single limits are another option that will have to be purchased separately. This would cover the expenses for all bodily injuries.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the Insurance Company

What if the Driver I Want to Sue is Uninsured?Many people may reach a point where the insurance company offers compensation, but this financial restitution is not enough to cover other financial losses like lost wages, psychological damages, and vehicle repair costs. If you have reached this point or if the insurance company you have been working with has denied your claims for no legitimate reasons, then a lawyer may be able to help you. This means you may end up filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

Before you go to this level, check again with your claims adjuster to see if the compensation offered can be updated in any way. If you still experience trouble, try consulting with a lawyer about this. When hired, a lawyer will first attempt negotiations with the insurance company and their team of lawyers. Lawsuits happen when negotiations fail and the insurance company is taken to court.

Your lawyer will help you organize and collect additional evidence for the trial. During trial, a deposition will be given to explain how you were wronged by the insurance company and why you need additional compensation. Both sides will investigate the case and a settlement will eventually be reached.

Car Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City

Most people are not fully prepared for the aftermath of a car accident because these types of accidents are unpredictable. Filing lawsuits can only add to the stress and confusion with all the paperwork and legal fees. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 today to speak with an Oklahoma car accident lawyer. We provide clients free consultation for car accidents and nursing home abuse.

The Dangers of Tailgating

The Dangers of Tailgating

Tailgating is the act of following another car too closely and has been known to lead to rear-end car accidents. These accidents tend to happen because the moment the car in front hits the brakes, the car in the back has hardly any space to brake in time before hitting the car in front of them. Rear-end car accidents have been known to lead to injuries that can result in expensive medical bills and permanent impairments.

Talk to an Oklahoma car accident lawyer if you suffered any of these injuries from a negligent driver. You may be entitled to compensation.

Common Injuries from Tailgating

Some of the most common injuries from tailgating are whiplash, spine fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and back strains. Severe injuries like chronic whiplash pain, spinal cord damage, and serious traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term impairments in daily functioning.

The Dangers of TailgatingWhiplash happens because the nerves, muscles, and other tissues in the neck become damaged upon violent movements. When a car hits another car, the car in front takes the brunt of the impact, which can abruptly force a driver’s head and neck back. This force can be enough to tear tissues in the neck.

Treatments for whiplash vary depending on the severity of the damage. Some people are able to recover with rest, but others may have to use prescription pain killers or muscle relaxers to numb the pain. In unfortunate cases, some people develop chronic whiplash pain, a disorder in which the pain lasts years. Long-term pain like this can start causing problems in concentration, mood, memory, and sleep. This can make holding a job and continuing a social life difficult.

What to do If You Are Tailgated

To understand what to do in a situation in which you are being tailgated, it is helpful to understand the reasons why some people choose to tailgate others. Many tailgaters are aggressive drivers, but others may be in a hurry. Some are ignorant of the inherent risks of tailgating. There are also drivers who feel confident enough to take risks like tailgating and some of them may not realize the dangers of this driving behavior.

There are a few things you can do to handle these various tailgaters. The first thing you can do is pull off to the side or shift yourself into the other lane until they pass you. A driver cannot tailgate you once they move past you and they will probably appreciate the offer. However, if pulling to the side is difficult in your situation, the best thing to do is maintain your speed and flash your brakes a few times when you are about to slow down or stop. This alerts the driver behind you to slow down.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney

You may not have to pay for all those expensive medical bills and vehicle damages if you suspect the other driver was at fault. Drivers who tailgate are almost always at fault for the accident. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to talk to an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer. We offer our clients free consultation for car accidents and nursing home abuse.

Recognizing Bad Faith Insurance with Your Personal Injury Claim

Recognizing Bad Faith Insurance with Your Personal Injury Claim

Many people are able to receive fair compensation from insurance companies after a car accident, but some people are stuck with insurance companies that practice bad faith. Bad faith means you may not be able to receive the amount of compensation you need to recover financially. This happens because some insurance companies fail to recognize that there are more financial losses after a car accident than medical expenses. If your insurance company denied you a settlement or if you were not offered enough compensation, consider hiring an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer today.

What Is Bad Faith Insurance?

Bad faith insurance can mean several things, but can be summed up as an insurance company cheating you out of what you rightfully deserve. Common instances of bad faith include denying your personal injury claim, not communicating important information with you, or not offering enough compensation.

Recognizing Bad Faith Insurance with Your Personal Injury ClaimAny of these actions could hurt you financially. Denial of your claim means you will receive nothing in compensation, failure to communicate could lead to careless mistakes, and offering too little compensation can force you to pay for expenses that can put you in debt. Some insurance companies may accept your claim initially, but will delay paying you what they offered for a long period of time. This can make some people late on paying their bills.

The reason some insurance companies practice in bad faith is that they are businesses. They help people in return for profit, but anytime they hand out compensation, they lose profits. This is why many supervisors at insurance companies will discourage or even penalize employees for offering too much compensation to customers.

How To Handle Bad Faith Insurance

If your attempts at negotiating with the insurance company have failed, there may be only one other option: to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. This process often runs smoother with a lawyer. Lawyers have the training needed to understand alternatives to obstacles that can prevent you from receiving fair compensation.

They also possess negotiation skills and experience in dealing with bad faith insurance companies and personal injury claims. A lawyer will be able to help you collect the documents you need to prove in court that you are entitled to more compensation in the event that an insurance company cheats you. The majority of documents your lawyer will have you submit to the insurance company will be evidence-based. Common types of evidence your lawyer will collect will include witness testimonies, police reports, medical records, and photographs of the accident.

If the insurance company refuses to cooperate with your lawyer, your lawyer has the power to move your case to trial and will represent you in court.

Car Accident Attorney In Oklahoma

Personal injury expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle damages can put almost anyone in a financial crisis, but this may not have to be you. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to speak with an experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer. You may be eligible for compensation that can cover physical and psychological injuries after the accident in addition to pain and suffering. Our law firm provides clients free consultation for car accidents and nursing home abuse.

How Much Time Do You Have to File an Automobile Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

How Much Time Do You Have to File an Automobile Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma?

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Automobile crashes happen more than anyone would like to admit. There are umpteen reasons why they occur. Annually 30,000 Americans are killed in motor vehicle accidents. In 2013 alone, these crashes cost $44 billion in health and occupational loss expenses alone. This does not account for the endless strain and drains to the victims’ loved ones.

The top five reasons for deadly vehicular accidents in Oklahoma are:

  1. Driving over the speed limit
  2. Unrestrained passengers or drivers
  3. Falling victim to an individual who decided to drink and drive
  4. A driver not yielding when he or she should have
  5. Being hit by a motorist who was preoccupied (this could be due to anything from cell phone use, children or pets, or daydreaming about the day to come)

There is no good excuse for one driver to crash into another motor vehicle or person. Yet, it does happen. We each know the simple steps to take if this does occur: Call the police and 911 if anyone is injured, exchange identification and insurance information, partake in our part regarding the police report, and follow up with our insurance. It is good to remember not to admit fault or to exchange stories regarding what just happened with the other driver. Write down the details you wish to later recall. Take pictures as well.

Is there anything else that can be done? Make sure to check with a doctor. Sometimes, pain from injuries does not surface for months. Seek legal guidance before making statements to any insurance companies, including your own. Remember not to sign anything without the advice of an attorney! Attorneys can do more than just give us information.

How Long Do I Have to File A Legal Suit in Oklahoma?

How Much Time Do You Have to File an Automobile Accident Lawsuit in Oklahoma?Filing a lawsuit is an option. In Oklahoma, you have two years to file this suit, if stipulations do not play into this time span, such as a governmental entity being involved in the crash. After the two years have passed, you’ve missed your statute of limitations. If you have met the time of the statute of limitations, it means that you are prohibited by law to make any claims following an injury. Statutes exist on both criminal and civil levels. The time span allotted is considered to begin at the time that your injury first was revealed.

Legal Help in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a great place to seek legal aid is the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates. Our attorneys Justin B. Reynolds and Billy P. Griffin can provide you and your loved ones with the legal assistance needed for you to be compensated for any damages you have endured due to a vehicular accident. We have vast experience in many focus areas. Some of these areas include personal injury, auto and truck accidents, and tribal casino liability. We also take on cases concerning motorcycle accidents, medical neglect, nursing home abuse, and product liability. Call us today at 405-721-9500 for a free consultation. Do not fall victim to the statute of limitations and miss your chance to receive some financial help during this hard time.

The Truth Behind Medical Malpractice

The Truth Behind Medical Malpractice

Science is an ever-changing field. Along with many unforeseen factors, the stream of new developments in the medical field allows room for errors which may lead to many sorts of personal injury, including negligence and even medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can be seen when medical personnel or any professional medical entity fails to provide appropriate care for a patient and their symptoms. Some examples include a physician prescribing the wrong dosage, or type, of medication for an ailment. The medical professional may not order the correct diagnostic tests to aid in determining a proper verdict of what is ailing the patient. Harm and injury can occur if a surgeon operates on an incorrect organ or body part. Personal injury can happen if a surgeon leaves an item, such as a medical sponge, inside a patient when closing after an operation. Typically, a doctor does not set out to harm their parents. However, mistakes happen to all human beings.

If the physician did behave carelessly in conducting their care, one would need to legally establish one of four different elements. The first thing that must be proven is that there was a specialized responsibility allocated to the patient. The second aspect is that there was a violation of the identified obligation. The third element is that there was a personal injury produced directly due to the violation. Lastly, this must have resulted in subsequent negative consequences.

Potential Medical Malpractice Consequences

Like in any occupation, those employed within the medical field have a standard of care which they must follow. Physicians, hospitals, and medical staff may go astray from this standard at times. This does not necessarily mean that personal harm, or injury, will occur to patients medical staff treat. There are between 65,000 to 200,000 reported deadly cases of medical “accidents” annually. 25,000 to 120,000 of these deaths are due to negligence or medical malpractice. As if those statistics are not scary enough, the above numbers only demonstrate the cases that are noted in hospital records.

The Truth Behind Medical Malpractice

It is important to remember that it is difficult to prove what a judge cannot see. When a personal injury or harm occurs due to medical neglect, the mistake typically foreshadows a plethora of consequences for the patient. These difficulties include financial problems due to having to attend multiple follow up visits with different physicians for associated health issues, chronic physical pain, and psychological distress. These hardships can lead to the loss of a job, complications in personal relationships, and changes to mood and behavior. One may even be deemed as disabled.

Legal Aid and Compensation from Griffin Reynolds

At times, individuals do not bother to seek help for personal injury or medical malpractice. In fact, only 2.9% of individuals who have experienced medical malpractice file suits against physicians or medical facilities. Thankfully, there are experienced attorneys who specialize in personal injury and in medical malpractice. Courts award 70% of individuals who seek damages for personal injury due to medical malpractice.

If you live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates at 405-721-9500 for a free consultation.  Our attorneys, Justin B. Reynolds and Billy P. Griffin, can provide you with the help you or your loved ones need to be compensated for damages from medical malpractice. We have experience in many focus areas. Some of these areas include personal injury, auto and truck accidents, and tribal casino liability. We also take on cases concerning motorcycle accidents, medical neglect, nursing home abuse, and product liability. Take back your power today!

Overview of Common Personal Injuries from Car Accidents

Overview of Common Personal Injuries from Car Accidents

It only takes one car accident to lead to a variety of internal and external personal injuries that can take months to heal. The more severe the injury, the higher the medical bills can be. Some people are able to recover without lost wages or expensive medical bills, but in many situations that involve serious injuries, this is not the case.

You may not have to struggle financially if the accident was caused by a negligent driver. Consider hiring an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer who can help you earn the compensation you need to fully recover.

Types of Internal Injuries

Common internal injuries from car accidents are bone fractures. This does not only include arm or leg breaks, but also bone fractures that damage the nervous system. The financial danger of dealing with arm or leg fractures is not being able to work at your job until your bones heal. Experiencing lost wages when bills need to be paid can put many people in debt.

Overview of Common Personal Injuries from Car AccidentsShattered bones are even more serious because these usually require intensive surgeries to put the bones back together with screws and metal rods. Surgery can postpone almost any kind of recovery for another month or longer. Severe leg breaks may be followed with weekly physical therapy, which may not be covered by health insurance.

Head and spine injuries pose the possibility of losing your ability to process certain thoughts, move, feel, or walk. If you suffered this kind of injury after an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for loss of enjoyment for life.

Whiplash is one of the most common internal injuries that have the potential to cause chronic pain that can last several years. This type of injury can involve damage to neck tissues, muscles, and nerves. The prolonged effects of whiplash have been known to lead to sleep disorders, memory problems, and trouble concentrating.

Common Soft Tissue Injuries

Sprains and strains are considered soft tissue injuries because they affect the muscles and other tissues that hold your joints together. These injuries can cause great pain and loss of movement. Torn muscles or tendons may require surgery, but minor soft tissue injuries can be treated with home remedies.

Deep cuts are also common because car accidents often involve a lot of broken glass being thrown around. Glass can easily cut through the skin and many cuts from glass can become infected without proper care. Massive cuts usually need stitches and medical intervention in order to remove any glass shards that may have been missed.

Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

Injuries that cost thousands of dollars in medical treatment or injuries that lead to significant life impairments can be devastating for anyone. You should not have to pay for the consequences of these types of injuries if someone else was at fault. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to talk to an Oklahoma car accident lawyer and find out what types of compensation you may be eligible for. We offer our clients free consultation for car accidents and nursing home abuse.

Types of Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

Types of Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

There are different levels of brain injuries that can impair thinking, movement, sensation, and mental health. Differentiating between these levels is important when trying to understand the severity of your brain injury after a car accident. You may be entitled to more compensation if your brain injury is severe and causes significant impairments in daily functioning. Those with long-term effects of severe brain injuries may also be eligible to file lawsuits for loss of enjoyment of life and future lost wages. Get in touch with an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer for more information on your options.

Symptoms and Treatments for Concussions

Concussions are considered mild brain injuries with short-term consequences, but this does not mean medical treatment should be avoided. Those affected by concussions are usually unable to keep track of their thoughts due to a decrease in focused attention mixed with a sense of confusion. Other common symptoms are:

  • Dizziness
  • Visual problems
  • Lack of coordination
  • Brief amnesia
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea with vomiting
  • Headaches that can last several hours
  • Light sensitivity

The reason you should still seek medical attention for something as seemingly harmless as a common concussion is because many concussions cause swelling in the brain that can lead to further damage if not stopped. Health professionals will know what to do to reduce swelling and may find other problems, like skull fractures or blood clots.

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) range from mild to severe. Mild TBIs involve similar symptoms to concussions, like headaches and dizziness, but also include mood changes, drowsiness, or a loss of consciousness. Some people experience problems with sleep, thinking, and concentration.

Types of Brain Injuries from Car AccidentsModerate-to-severe TBIs come with additional problems. Without treatment, headaches can become worse, with repeated episodes of nausea and vomiting. In serious cases, people have been known to be overtaken by seizures or comas. Physical signs to look out for are:

  • Only one pupil is dilated or both eyes are
  • Anger or restlessness
  • Numbness, tingling, or feelings of weakness in the arms or legs
  • Incoherent or slurred speech

Common long-term effects of the most severe brain injuries are paralysis, personality changes, and permanent memory loss. People with damage to the hippocampus can experience a loss of the ability to form new memories, which can prove challenging in a world where creating memories of new things, like a new work schedule, is necessary.

Most of these effects are lifelong, but there are newer studies showing some improvements in people with brain damage. However, these improvements depend on several factors, like age, severity of the injury, and how much effort is given during treatment.

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma City

Brain injuries can lead to a lot of new life challenges associated with mental health and finances. This is why no one is expected to pay for damages like these if another person was at fault for them. If you believe the other driver caused the car accident due to negligence, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to talk to an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer. We offer free consultations for car accidents and nursing home abuse.

Types of Bone Fractures from Car Accidents

Types of Bone Fractures from Car Accidents

Bone fractures tend to range from minor to severe. Severe bone fractures can take close to a year to fully heal and may require surgery, prolonged hospital stays, and physical therapy that lasts years. Medical expenses for these necessities can add up fast. However, if you suffered bone injuries from a car accident caused by a negligent driver, then you may be entitled to compensation. An Oklahoma personal injury lawyer may be able to help you earn compensation for your injuries in addition to pain and suffering.

Main Types of Bone Fractures

The first sign of a bone fracture is pain followed by redness, bruising, and swelling. It is a good idea to seek medical attention even if you think the fracture is minor because a professional examination might reveal shattered bones or misalignments that could cause greater damage later on.

Types of Bone Fractures from Car AccidentsStable fractures occur in straight lines, transverse fractures are horizontal, and oblique fractures occur at an angle. Many transverse fractures are hairline fractures, which normally heal within a short time. This is because hairline fractures are not full breaks in the bone and therefore require less bone building.

Open compound and comminuted fractures are considered severe. Open compound breaks are bones that pierce through the skin and often require stitches and realignment. Comminuted fractures are shattered bones that usually need surgery to put the pieces back together. Unusable fragments are removed while remaining bones are held together with metal screws and rods.

What Compensation Can I Receive?

Bone fractures are considered personal injuries if they occur by the fault of someone else. This is called negligence and if you believe the other driver’s negligence caused the car accident, then you may be able to seek compensation for damages. The severity of your injuries and overall condition will determine which damages you can seek to sue for.

Compensatory damages are what almost anyone with physical injuries can sue for because these cover medical expenses and lost wages. Even mild hairline fractures often take a month to heal. If hairline fracture is on a person’s leg, that person will likely have to take a month off from work if their position requires a lot of physical activity.

Pain and suffering damages are used for the severe types of bone injuries that last several months and cause extreme discomfort. People who require surgery, long hospital stays, and physical therapy may be eligible for these types of  damages. Loss of enjoyment may be used in cases of permanent damage from spine, skull, or comminuted fractures.

Oklahoma City Auto Accident Lawyer

Bone fractures can cause a lot of unnecessary pain and financial losses. You should not have to pay for the damages someone else caused. Some insurance companies will offer you enough compensation to cover your expenses, but not all of them will be fair. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to talk with an Oklahoma car accident lawyer today. We offer free consultation for personal injuries caused by car accidents and nursing home abuse.