Recognizing Insurance Fraud After a Car Accident

Recognizing Insurance Fraud After a Car Accident

Many car accidents come with significant financial damages that can leave people overwhelmed. Most losses come from car repair costs, medical bills, and lost wages. Unfortunately, in some situations, people will have to deal with insurance fraud on top of these expenses. Insurance fraud related to a car accident can impact your costs related to car repairs, medical expenses, and car towing fees. Talk to an experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer if you suspect fraud related to the car accident

Common Types of Insurance Fraud

The main types of insurance fraud related to car accidents involve car repairs, medical scams, and tow scams. Car repairs are often necessary after a car accident. Damaged windshields or taillights can make driving on the road illegal, but repairing these parts can also be expensive. Car repair Recognizing Insurance Fraud After a Car Accidentshop owners like to save money too. This is why some repair shop workers will repair your car with counterfeit parts. Some will tell you a lower price and then increase this at the last minute. 

Medical scams involve hospitals and doctors that find ways to increase your health insurance premiums to obtain more money. This can significantly hurt your finances unless you know what to look for. Look for medical care or prescription medications that you do not need. Receiving the same medical bill twice in the mail is another red flag. Not receiving promised treatments that were already paid for represents a serious breach. 

Similar to medical scams, tow scams involve sending tow trucks for your vehicle when they are not needed. For example, minor car accidents usually do not require a tow truck as long as the damage does not make your car illegal to drive on the road. Common examples would be a dented hood or door. You do not have to accept tow truck assistance when your car only suffered minor damages. 

How to Respond to Insurance Fraud

In 2012, around 15-17 percent of auto insurance for bodily injuries was found to be fraudulent. Nearly tens of billions of dollars are lost to health insurance fraud every year. These represent some serious financial losses based on lies. You do not have to let yourself be scammed without fighting back.

Write down as much relevant information as you can about the accident and how the insurance company, hospital, and car repair shop handled the accident. Look for inconsistencies and talk to a lawyer about this. A lawyer may be able to help you establish a strong case in your defense to earn you the compensation you deserve. 

Auto Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma

Dealing with fraud after an unexpected car accident can be frustrating and difficult to manage. Consider hiring an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer if you suspect you were scammed by your insurance company, repair shop, or local hospital. Depending on the financial losses you suffered from the accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds today at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation.