Safety Tips For Driving Trucks at Night In Oklahoma

Safety Tips For Driving Trucks at Night In Oklahoma

Deciding to become a truck driver is a difficult choice. One that requires preparation and commitment. It’s a great skill to have and one that is always in demand. Depending on the trucking company that you work for, it is also a job that usually comes with fairly impressive pay and some decent benefits.

Truckers spend an enormous amount of hours on the road, in solitude, transporting various commodities from one place to another. This is one of the numerous reasons why not everyone is capable of adjusting to the new lifestyle that this job automatically carves out.

The schedule of an average trucker involves getting behind the wheel of your rig for days, maybe even weeks. This means time away from your friends, your home, and your family. Most companies prohibit certain people from riding in an 18 wheeler or truck, so bringing a friend along for the ride isn’t an option.

Just like non-commercial drivers, most incidents and accidents occur on the roads after the sun has gone down, so in addition to being isolated, you still have to remain vigilant and aware in order to prevent an accident from happening. Truck accidents in Oklahoma can occur at any time, you should always take precautions to prevent what might be a catastrophic accident. 

Plan Your Route Ahead Of Time

Planning out your route ahead of time makes a huge difference in your delivery times and in your safety. Driving during the daytime is not as dangerous as driving at night because your visibility is not obstructed by the lack of light. Once it is dark outside, road signs and traffic signs become more Tips For Driving Trucks at Night In Oklahomadifficult to see, as do road hazards.

One of the best ways to make sure that you aren’t met with any surprises is to map out your entire route, start to finish, as soon as you know what it is. Program the directions into your GPS so that you have them to guide you. Use your phone to check for any traffic updates or any inclement weather alerts so you can make your best-informed decision about which route will not only be the quickest for you but the safest as well.

Clean Your Mirrors and Headlights Before You Start Driving

The headlights on your rig are a necessary safety feature. Without them, driving after sundown would simply not be possible. Your headlights help you to see what lies on the road in front of you, which way you need to go, and they alert other drivers to your presence so that an accident may be prevented. Visibility is paramount when you are trying to stay safe on the highway at night.

If your headlights are dirty or foggy, your ability to see the road around you is going to be affected, creating a potentially lethal situation. In addition, oncoming motorists might not be able to see your tractor-trailer coming down the road in time to prevent an accident.

Keeping your rear and side view mirrors clean and streak-free will also play an important role in your safety as it will help to ensure that your field of vision is as wide and as unobstructed as possible.

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