Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma

Nursing home abuse is unsettling and damaging to those involved, but too often, this type of abuse in Oklahoma nursing homes goes unnoticed or unreported. In these instances, the abuse may continue for months or even years, but it can be prevented. The first steps toward ending nursing home abuse are to identify it and ensure those around you know the warning signs. If you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse in Oklahoma, the lawyers at the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates can help.

How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse

Many types of abuse may occur in a nursing home. These types of abuse include sexual, psychological, and financial abuse and neglect. Physical abuse may be the easiest to spot because there are often outward signs of injury and bruising. However, as people age, their skin thins and they are more susceptible to bruising, a fact that may hide actual abuse. Speaking openly with the patient about how they’re being treated can help identify whether neglect and abuse caused the injuries.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in OklahomaThe other types of abuse are even trickier to spot because psychological abuse and neglect may be hidden or attributed to an internal source rather than the true cause. Psychological abuse is primarily discovered by someone witnessing the act itself. The abuse can also be identified by paying close attention to how the individual is behaving emotionally. Concerned friends and family should be on the lookout for unexplained signs of depression or anxiety and ask questions to rule out causes.

Financial abuse can include coercing the nursing home patient into transferring funds or deny the patient access to their own money. Other examples include fraud, stealing money, and forging checks. If you notice any discrepancies with the patient’s finances or suspect financial abuse, you should report it immediately to the bank and the nursing home management.

Charges Filed Against Oklahoma Nursing Homes

Most nursing homes have family nurse practitioners (FNPs) who are specially trained be perceptive of signs of elder abuse, help abused individuals, and report abuse to the proper authorities. However, research shows that more training is needed to prevent nursing home abuse. Despite the extra assistance, the majority of mistreatment is due to lack of understanding, being overworked, and lacking competence.

The research argues that to decrease rates of nursing home abuse in Oklahoma, staff needs to communicate better with the elderly, build relationships with their patients and their families, and develop social support networks with other staff. With these steps employed, the abuse is more likely to be reported and quickly stopped.

Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect a loved one is suffering through nursing home abuse, contact the nursing home lawyers at the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds. We work with personal injury cases including nursing home abuse and will work by your side to protect your loved one. Contact us today at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation.