Tips for Driving in the Snow in Oklahoma

Tips for Driving in the Snow in Oklahoma

As winter grows colder and more snow starts to fall, driving can become dangerous during certain times, especially when roads ice over. Knowing what to do when you encounter an icy road may save you from a serious car accident. There are certain driving techniques you can use to decrease your chances of an accident in risky weather conditions like sleet, snow, or blizzards. However, if you suffered injuries from a car accident caused by a driver who was not driving safely, be sure to talk with an Oklahoma car accident lawyer to explore your options for compensation. 

Car Accidents Caused by Icy Weather

Each year, around 76,000 people are injured and 900 people are killed from car accidents during weather involving sleet or snow. When it comes to icy road conditions from cold weather, around 116,800 people suffer injuries and 1,300 people die from car accidents. The risk of car accidents increases on icy roads because of the significant lack of friction. Even roads from rainy weather can be dangerous at high driving speeds, but icy roads involve significantly less traction.

Not only do slippery roads increase a person’s risk for a car accident, but so does the lack of visibility during sleet or snow. This is especially true during snowstorms. Any kind of heavy snow can make telling the road from the sidewalk difficult and can make it hard to see where other drivers or pedestrians are on the road. This is why fast driving can be risky during heavy snowfalls. Last-minute maneuvers to avoid a car accident do not often work well during icy conditions because hard braking on icy roads can lead to a total loss of control. 

Driving Safely in the Snow

When it comes to driving in snow, there are a variety of ways to avoid an accident. Be sure to follow the reduced speed limits during periods of snowfall. These reductions in speed are designed to decrease your chances of a car accident. If you encounter a large snowplow vehicle, try not to pass them. However, if Tips for Driving in the Snowyou need to pass, do so with caution.

If you find yourself losing control of your vehicle because of the ice, avoid panicking and do not slam on the brakes. Doing so will worsen the situation. Instead, maintain control of your steering wheel, take your foot off the gas pedal, and slowly apply pressure to the brakes until you come to a stop away from oncoming traffic. 

In the event that you find yourself in a car accident, make sure everyone is away from oncoming traffic then call 911 if you suspect any injuries. Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. If you can, take pictures of the crash site and your injuries. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma

Car accidents in snowy weather can be unpredictable because of dangerous road conditions. Talk to an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer if you were injured in a car accident caused by another driver. You may be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds today at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation. We will work with you to investigate your claim and defend your rights.