Treatments for Back Pain Caused by a Car Accident

Treatments for Back Pain Caused by a Car Accident

Lower back pain can be caused by strains or sprains to the muscles and ligaments in your back. Car accidents exert enough force to break bones and tear soft tissues like muscles in the body. Something as simple as a rear-end car accident could cause low back pain. There are various types of low back pain that require different treatments in order to find relief. If you started experiencing low back pain shortly after a car accident caused by another driver, it is a good idea to find an Oklahoma car accident lawyer who can help you earn compensation.

Types of Low Back Pain

The two types of low back pain are acute and chronic back pain. Acute back pain usually ends within 4-12 weeks. Chronic back pain can last 12 weeks or longer and sometimes persists years after the initial injury. Some people with chronic pain can find relief with treatment, but others are left to find ways to deal with the pain.

Treatments for Back Pain Caused by a Car AccidentLong-term pain like this has been known to disrupt life activities like work, social relationships, and physical exertion like exercise or work around the house. Many people may find sleep difficult because their back pain makes finding a comfortable position challenging. This depends on pain severity, but others may develop sleep disorders like insomnia. This can lead to a downward spiral of depression and anxiety in some cases.

Car accidents do not just cause sprains and strains in the back, but can also lead to damage in the spine. Ruptured discs, the cushions between your vertebrae, can create low back pain from pressure on nerves that connect to the spinal cord.

Common Treatments for Back Pain

Treatments for back pain vary by the type of symptoms you experience and what damage was done during the accident. Acute back pain is usually treated with over-the-counter pain medications. Your doctor may also advise you to move around to reduce stiffness.

Chronic back pain can be harder to treat. First, your doctor will likely have you apply heat or cold pads to your lower back. This and exercise can relax your muscles and increase range of movement. Prescription-strength pain medications and muscle relaxers can be given so you can continue to work or carry on with your other daily routines. Steroid or numbing shots may also be used as a last resort.

Certain exercise practices, like traction exercise, are conducted with a physical therapist to stretch your back. Behavioral modification programs can teach you other exercises and habits to avoid back pain. However, in certain cases, you may require surgery. Ruptured discs and vertebral fractures need surgery to repair the broken pieces.

Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer

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