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Motor vehicle collisions can have extremely negative consequences on your life, but when trucks are involved the results can be even more catastrophic. When involved in a crash with a commercial truck or 18 wheelers, the best resource you can have at your disposal is an experienced Oklahoma truck accident attorney.

If you or a loved one was in an accident involving a truck in the Oklahoma City area and was injured or killed as a result, an accomplished Oklahoma attorney can help ensure that you are given the best and most comprehensive counsel. You deserve to be fairly compensated for your injuries and the damages to your vehicle as well as any pain and suffering you may experience as a result of this accident.

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Truck Regulations in Oklahoma

Due to their size and the vast distances usually traveled by trucks, the federal government has created specific regulations that dictate how Oklahoma truck drivers should conduct their business.

Hours of Service: These were designed to make sure that drivers are safe and do not possibly fall asleep while at the wheel and endanger themselves and others on the road.

These regulations include:
• Drivers should never exceed 60 hours on duty during 7 days of work
• Drivers should never exceed 70 hours on duty during 8 days of work
• Driver working a 7-8 day period must have had at least 34 hours off to rest and recover
• After 10 days off duty, drivers are permitted to drive 11 hours

No Drinking and Driving: Much like regular drivers, truck drivers are not allowed to drink or be intoxicated in any way while driving. Companies often require drug tests if they suspect drivers of drug or alcohol abuse. For truck drivers, the legal limit is a BAC of 0.04%.

Texting: Truck drivers are not allowed to drive and text and will likely lose their job if it’s proven they did so.

Inspection and Logbooks: Drivers must keep up with inspection and logbooks which allows them to keep a record of their hours worked, safety reports, and any safety inspections.

While these regulations exist to make life easier for everyone on the road, not all drivers follow them, or they try to bend the rules in their favor. When drivers behave in these reckless manners occurs, accidents happen, and Oklahoma residents get hurt.

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Determining Liability

Due to all of these restraints put on drivers, determining liability can be much more difficult than anticipated. Often, truck drivers are working as independent contractors or are working off the books. In some cases, they may not be following the ordered regulations. Determining the responsible party in these situations requires shifting through these laws and can be quite time-consuming.

The best thing you can do for yourself in these instances is to contact an experience OKC attorney who has expertise in dealing with these kinds of accidents. You should focus on your health and recovery, not tracking down the responsible party to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Car accidents are stressful and can leave you injured and possibly stuck with piling medical expenses. When a truck is involved, it can be even more difficult. That’s why here at the Oklahoma Law firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates, we use our resources, knowledge, and experience to ensure that each of our clients receives their just compensation for the damages and injuries they sustained due to the negligence of another party.

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