Ways Insurance Companies Will Fact-Check Your Claim

Ways Insurance Companies Will Fact-Check Your Claim

Sorting out all the paperwork after an unexpected car accident can be a major hassle for almost anyone. The amount of monetary damages people suffer after a car accident can lead to major financial setbacks unless a claim is filed with the insurance company. Filing car accident claims is not always as smooth as it sounds. Many insurance companies will look at your claim with scrutiny and may go extra lengths to find contradictory evidence against your claim. The fewer claims an insurance company has to payout, the more money they save as a business. If you are experiencing difficulties receiving the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and loses, consider talking to an Oklahoma car accident lawyer about your situation as soon as possible.  

Social Media Surveillance 

Many people may be surprised to know that many of the insurance companies hire private investigators to sift through your social media accounts while your claim is being processed. In the new Ways Insurance Companies Will Fact-Check Your Claimage of technological advancement, insurance companies are ready to take the next steps to find fault in your claim. This means you better watch what you post on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform because depending on what your claim says about your injuries, one wrong post that contradicts your claim could be held against you. 

Remember, insurance companies are trying to save money in the long-run, so if they can find an excuse to dismiss your claim, they will. This is why it is best to avoid exaggerating or lying about any injuries you suffered. That could lead to a lot of other issues that go beyond earning compensation. The best thing to do is, to be honest about what damages you suffered and try not to post any old photos before the accident that make it look like your injuries are magically healed. Wait until the claims process is completed. 

Comparing Evidence or Lack of Evidence

Your claims adjuster is the one who will handle your claim and look for evidence that backs up or contradicts what you say. This means comparing your account of the accident to police reports, witness statements, and other sources of information. To move ahead of the game, collect as much concrete evidence as you can to back up your side of what happened.  

You can do this by taking pictures of your injuries, collecting witness reports, asking your doctor for a copy of your medical records, and taking notes about what happened right after the accident. If the insurance company still rejects your claim, you can hire a lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company. If this fails, your lawyer can take the insurance company to court to help you earn the compensation you need.  

Car Accident Attorney in Oklahoma 

Negotiating with insurance companies can be tricky work because most of them have a team of lawyers who are prepared to fight you back. Talk to an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer if you the insurance company offered you unfair compensation or no compensation at all. Depending on the damages you suffered, you may be able to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Call the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation today.