Ways to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Oklahoma

Ways to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Oklahoma

The death toll is rising for pedestrian across the United States and that means that there is a real and pressing need to make the driving public more safety conscious.

According to recent data that was compiled by the Governors Highway Safety Association, an alarming 6,000 pedestrians died in 2017. which brings up plenty of concerns regarding the country’s sky-high death rate of its pedestrians. While car manufacturers constantly strive to improve vehicle safety features to offer drivers a safer time behind the wheel, almost no progress at all has been made in the arena of pedestrian protection.

Pedestrians are advised to remain vigilant and stay alter while crossing the street or even just waiting for the light to change at an intersection. In addition, drivers need to be just as vigilant and aware of pedestrians as pedestrians should be of drivers. Pedestrian accidents can be devastating and lead to life-altering injuries. Safety is a two-way street and it is in the best interest of everyone to keep Oklahoma’s roadways as safe as possible for our communities. 

Be Aware of Where You’re Walking

As a pedestrian, it is in your best interest to stick to sidewalks, marked crosswalks and lit footpaths as Ways to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Oklahomamuch as possible. Make sure to keep a safe distance from traffic when approaching intersections. The sidewalk my feel like a safe place to be but all it takes is one driver who swerves at the wrong time because he was texting while he was driving, or one tractor-trailer driver to cut his turn a little too close and suddenly you find yourself the victim of a fairly serious injury accident.

Drivers Should Double Check Their Blind Spots

All vehicles come with blind spots and the larger the vehicle is, the larger the blind spot will be. If your vehicle’s blind spot is large enough to conceal another car from your line of sight, then it is certainly big enough to cause you to overlook a human being. Make sure that you are not only using your side and rearview mirrors but that you are also turning your head and looking as well. Taking the few extra seconds to look can make the difference between someone making it home in time, or ending up in the hospital.

Know Your Stopping Distances

Knowing your vehicle’s exact stopping distance is something that comes with time, but it doesn’t matter a bit if you aren’t paying any attention. When you are approaching an intersection, regardless of whether you have a green light or a red one, you need to scan the area and look for pedestrians. Even if the driver of the car has the green light, there could be any number of reasons that a pedestrian might still be out in the crosswalk.

Do not assume that just because your light is green that your path must also be clear. If you do see a pedestrian lingering in the crosswalk, for any reason, then you need to apply the brakes in time to avoid hitting them and undoubtedly causing them major injuries.

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