What Happens If Someone Gets into an Accident in My Car?

What Happens If Someone Gets into an Accident in My Car?

You may be wondering what your options for compensation are if another driver had an accident while driving your car. Since you were not driving when the accident happened, you may also be wondering who is supposed to file the accident claim, who is liable for the car accident, and who is covered by auto insurance. These are important things that can help you avoid potential lawsuits, legal trouble, and financial losses. Talk to an experienced Oklahoma auto accident lawyer to find out more about what steps you need to take to receive compensation.  

Who is Compensated?

Figuring out who is compensated after another person has a car accident in your vehicle can be confusing. When it comes to car insurance, most insurance companies cover anyone who is living with you. This allows for the permissive use of your vehicle by people who live with you. Permissive use means the person who is driving your car will be covered by your auto insurance.

However, permissive use will not cover drivers who are excluded from your insurance policy. In the event that a car accident occurs, the driver included in your policy would be What Happens If Someone Else Has an Accident in My Car?covered by your primary insurance. This same accident could also be covered by that driver’s secondary insurance. Secondary coverage like this could be used to cover additional expenses and damages caused by the accident.

The fault also determines the outcome. If another driver caused the accident, then that other driver’s insurance would be used to cover the damages. You would be compensated for damage to your vehicle and the person who used your car would be compensated for their injuries. When the driver who used your car caused the accident, your car insurance would be used to cover that driver’s expenses and the driver who used your car would only have their insurance involved if the damages exceed your insurance limit.  

How Does Filing an Accident Claim Work?

When another driver had a car accident in your vehicle, filing a claim works similarly. The difference is that you may have to rely on that driver to collect evidence at the accident scene if you cannot arrive there in enough time. The driver who used your vehicle would need to take pictures of the wreckage, injuries stemming from the car accident, and other damages. This driver would also need to obtain the other driver’s contact and insurance information.

You may have to organize all this information together to build a strong accident claim against the other driver who caused the accident. Talking to the driver who used your car is important for understanding how the accident happened and who was at fault. 

Auto Accident Attorney in Oklahoma 

Figuring out how to build a strong car accident claim when you did not witness the accident can be challenging. You may not have to face this alone. Consider hiring an Oklahoma car accident lawyer to figure out what steps you can take to build a strong claim. Contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation today.