Legal and Practical Advice for Brain Injury Victims

Legal and Practical Advice for Brain Injury Victims

A person can experience a brain injury in a variety of ways, some of which may be caused by negligence. Negligence occurs whenever another person’s reckless behavior causes your injury, and these careless actions cause countless injuries across Oklahoma.

Over 600 people are killed every year in Oklahoma car accidents and far more suffer serious injuries. If you’ve been involved in a catastrophic car accident, a personal injury lawyer from Griffin Reynolds & Associates can help you obtain fair compensation to cover the costs of your injuries.

Negligent Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries include damage caused by a sudden, sharp blow to the skull. This injury is most often caused by automobile accidents, slips and falls while at work, and being hit by a heavy or blunt object traveling at a high velocity. If another person did something to cause your injury, be it acting in a reckless manner or not caring for their property as they should have, you may be able to file a personal injury case.

Determining Negligence in Your Accident

In the case of auto accidents, determining negligence is often straightforward. For example, if the Legal and Practical Advice for Brain Injury Victimsdriver was distracted or violated your right of way, then that driver acted in a negligence way. When it comes to falls, determining negligence depends on the property owner or responsible party’s knowledge of the hazard. Determining negligence in sports accidents can be complex due to multiple parties being involved. There can be legal repercussions in Oklahoma if the school fails to protect students and warn parents of the risks of head injury associated with playing sports.

How to Recognize a Brain Injury

You will know you have sustained a traumatic brain injury if you experience several or all of the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Sense of confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Memory problems like sudden amnesia
  • Other cognitive disturbances like trouble with attention or overall thinking

However, those are only signs of a mild traumatic brain injury. Signs of a moderate to severe brain injury include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Long-lasting headache
  • Falling unconscious
  • Pupil dilation
  • Seizures
  • Increased agitation or restlessness
  • Slurred speech
  • Weak or numb hands and feet

These symptoms should be taken seriously and you should call 911 or have someone transport you to a hospital to avoid further potential damage.

When to Contact an Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you receive compensation to cover any medical expenses or long-term expenses like physical therapy for your injuries depends on your ability to secure evidence and prove negligences. Evidence may mean witness reports, photos of the injury or wreckage, and medical bills and records. A personal injury lawyer can help you organize your information and defend you right to compensation.

If you have experienced a brain injury following an accident in Oklahoma City, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation. No one should have to pay for damages they suffered at the hands of someone else. We specialize in personal injury cases of various kinds from nursing home abuse to injuries sustained from automobile accidents and we can help you! Contact us today!

When to Seek Legal Help for a Spinal Cord Injury

When to Seek Legal Help for a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating to the victim and the victim’s family because severe cases of this type of injury may leave the injured person crippled for life or may ultimately prove fatal. Spinal cord injuries often require long-term medical care including physical therapy, life support, and on-call nurses.

These injuries are some of the most traumatic an Oklahoma car accident victim can suffer and the recovery can be a lifetime endeavor. If your injury was caused by the negligent behavior of another, you may have a legal right to compensation. An Oklahoma personal injury lawyer can help you address both the financial and emotional costs of these injuries.

2 Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

When to Seek Legal Help for a Spinal Cord InjuryWhile the brain is crucial for life, the spinal cord is the long bundle of nerves that allows the brain to communicate with the rest of the body. Without a functioning and intact spinal cord, life can be extremely difficult or completely impossible.

Depending on whether the spinal cord injury was a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury the injured party may need a wheelchair or a constant breathing apparatus to survive the accident.

Complete spinal cord injuries are the most serious kind of injury. A complete spinal cord injury cuts off all sensation and movement below where the spinal cord was damaged. These injuries typically cause some form of paralysis.

Incomplete spinal cord injuries do not remove all sensation or movement below the damage. In these cases, the person may be able to do physical therapy and improve over time.

If someone’s negligence resulted in your injury, you can seek out legal help to secure compensation. For example, if the other driver was distracted there was no wet floor sign, or an employee failed to follow proper safety procedures, and you were injured due to this negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

How to Recognize a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can be caused by automobile accidents, workplace accidents, sports injuries, or severe slips and falls.

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury include:

  • Severe head or neck pain
  • Numbness or weakness
  • Neck is in an abnormal position
  • Neck feels stiff or swollen

If you or someone you know are experiencing these symptoms, the most important thing to do is to find a way to prevent movement of the neck because this may cause further damage. To do this, place pillows, towels, or other soft objects around the head and neck to support the neck in an isolated position. After you’ve steadied their neck, you should immediately call 911. Neck injuries can be deadly if not correctly treated.

Find an Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have had a spinal cord injury caused by someone else contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. We specialize in personal injury cases of various kinds from nursing home abuse to injuries sustained from automobile accidents, and we will fight to protect your rights.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma

Nursing home abuse is unsettling and damaging to those involved, but too often, this type of abuse in Oklahoma nursing homes goes unnoticed or unreported. In these instances, the abuse may continue for months or even years, but it can be prevented. The first steps toward ending nursing home abuse are to identify it and ensure those around you know the warning signs. If you or a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse in Oklahoma, the lawyers at the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates can help.

How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse

Many types of abuse may occur in a nursing home. These types of abuse include sexual, psychological, and financial abuse and neglect. Physical abuse may be the easiest to spot because there are often outward signs of injury and bruising. However, as people age, their skin thins and they are more susceptible to bruising, a fact that may hide actual abuse. Speaking openly with the patient about how they’re being treated can help identify whether neglect and abuse caused the injuries.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in OklahomaThe other types of abuse are even trickier to spot because psychological abuse and neglect may be hidden or attributed to an internal source rather than the true cause. Psychological abuse is primarily discovered by someone witnessing the act itself. The abuse can also be identified by paying close attention to how the individual is behaving emotionally. Concerned friends and family should be on the lookout for unexplained signs of depression or anxiety and ask questions to rule out causes.

Financial abuse can include coercing the nursing home patient into transferring funds or deny the patient access to their own money. Other examples include fraud, stealing money, and forging checks. If you notice any discrepancies with the patient’s finances or suspect financial abuse, you should report it immediately to the bank and the nursing home management.

Charges Filed Against Oklahoma Nursing Homes

Most nursing homes have family nurse practitioners (FNPs) who are specially trained be perceptive of signs of elder abuse, help abused individuals, and report abuse to the proper authorities. However, research shows that more training is needed to prevent nursing home abuse. Despite the extra assistance, the majority of mistreatment is due to lack of understanding, being overworked, and lacking competence.

The research argues that to decrease rates of nursing home abuse in Oklahoma, staff needs to communicate better with the elderly, build relationships with their patients and their families, and develop social support networks with other staff. With these steps employed, the abuse is more likely to be reported and quickly stopped.

Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect a loved one is suffering through nursing home abuse, contact the nursing home lawyers at the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds. We work with personal injury cases including nursing home abuse and will work by your side to protect your loved one. Contact us today at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation.

Medical Negligence or Human Error?

Medical Negligence or Human Error?

While medical negligence is quite common in the world of personal injury claims, human error accounts for a vast amount of medical injuries. Many patients have genuine complaints and many suffer real injuries at the hands of health professionals, but it is clear from the research that not all malpractice claims are caused purely by the health practitioner’s negligence or purposeful intent. If you’ve been injured by the missteps or negligence of a doctor, insurance company or other entity in healthcare, the medical negligence attorneys at Griffin Reynolds & Associates can help.

Common Examples of Medical Malpractice in Oklahoma

Medical malpractice involves breaching the standards of care set by the medical field and related fields in which patients are treated by what they perceive as trusted and qualified health professionals. Some examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Failure of a doctor to diagnose a patient in a timely manner
  • Surgical or anesthesia accidents (i.e. anesthesia awareness)
  • Breach of confidentiality of patients medical or therapy records
  • Misuse of drugs or medical devices

Medical Negligence

These instances of medical malpractice all have one aspect in common; they all involve the act of negligence on the part Medical Negligence or Human Error?of the medical professional. Negligence occurs when a health professional does not give the patient a standard level of care and neglects or harms the patient. Examples of medical negligence include when a doctor fails to prescribe the right kind of medication and the patient’s health worsens or if personnel in a nursing home ignore or abuse the elderly residents.

These actions are not only physically damaging but may be psychologically damaging. The neglected patient may lose significant trust in the general medical profession or avoid them altogether out of fear of such negligence occurring again.

Human Error in Healthcare

Human error, or system error, is any mistake a human could foreseeably make like tripping and falling or dropping a medical instrument. No human is perfect, and the legal system recognizes that. Examples of human error may include misreading someone’s handwriting and transferring that mistake to a prescription or diagnosis. In other instances, a certain medication may be mistaken for a different medicine.

When to Seek Legal Help in Oklahoma

Two sides compete in every medical negligence suit; the patient and the healthcare practitioner. The patient may have a legitimate reason to sue for injuries sustained from a doctor’s negligence and the other side may have made a genuine human mistake while treating a patient. In either case, a local medical negligence lawyer can help assess and guide the case towards a successful resolution that protects your rights.

Oklahoma Medical Negligence Attorney

If you believe you’ve suffered at the hands of a negligent healthcare practitioner, do not hesitate to contact the personal injury lawyers at the Griffin Reynolds & Associates. No one should have to pay for injuries caused by the negligence of someone else. Contact us at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation.


How to File a Personal Injury Claim in Oklahoma

How to File a Personal Injury Claim in Oklahoma

No one expects a horrific car accident to happen and no one enjoys dealing with the pain and suffering of the related auto accident injuries that may follow. Things seem better when the medical team arrives and takes care of you. Until you get the medical bill. While it’s no longer a surprise to receive an expensive medical bill, the shock of the expense can be overwhelming especially as you focus on your recovery and moving forward with your life. By filing a personal injury claim in Oklahoma with an experienced auto accident attorney, you can defend your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover these expenses.

Filing an Oklahoma City Personal Injury Claim

How to File a Personal Injury Claim in OklahomaWhether an insurance company takes your personal injury claim seriously depends on how much evidence supports your claim. The evidence needed for an auto accident personal injury claim typically includes police reports, witness reports, and medical records as well as pictures of your injuries and of the wreckage. Some types of car insurance may cover injury expenses like bodily injury liability coverage and personal injury protection, but you shouldn’t assume this is the case before speaking with your insurance company.

What to Do When the Claim Does Not Go Through

While some insurance companies will compensate well after receiving your claim, other insurance companies may deny or delay your claim, use confusing language to get out of paying what they owe you. Some may even raise your premiums or use your credit history as an excuse to not compensate you. If you encounter any one of these situations, then your insurance company is acting in bad faith and you have legal options available to you in Oklahoma City to fight back.

Insurance Company Motives

Why do insurance companies turn on you if you’re injured in an accident, even after years of paying your bills and avoiding accidents? While not all insurance companies do this, some want to make a little extra money on top of the fees they already charge you. A fast way of accomplishing this is to avoid claims whenever possible. Insurance companies can take advantage of their consumer’s lack of insurance knowledge and the insurance companies’ illusion of authority.

A successful personal injury claim means lost money to insurance companies, so they encourage their employees to find ways to deny personal injury claims. The ways of doing so vary from case to case but often include complicated terminology to confuse the client into thinking they are ineligible for compensation when they are eligible or by outright ignoring clients.

When to Hire an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney

Anytime you suffer injuries from a car crash due to the negligent or reckless behavior of another driver, you can likely hire a personal injury lawyer to guide you through this difficult time.

Legal Help in Oklahoma City

If you are dealing with the costs of a personal injury and need advice or legal help, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation. We specialize in personal injury cases including automobile injuries, slip and fall accidents, and assault. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.


Types of Personal Injury Claims in Oklahoma

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Oklahoma

No one enjoys being set back by an unexpected injury accident, especially if that injury is debilitating and results in lost work wages on top of expensive medical bills. While insurance companies work with us to cover our essential expenses, not all expenses may be covered by an insurance company after a personal injury claim has been submitted. However, insurance companies will often fight to not have to pay what they should and the person who caused your injuries may argue that it’s not their fault. In these cases, you need an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney at your side to defend you and your rights.

Personal Injuries and Causes in Oklahoma

There are various types of Oklahoma personal injuries cases including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, Types of Personal Injury Claims in Oklahomaamputations, burn injuries, and soft tissue injuries. The causes of these injuries also vary and often include automobile accidents, medical malpractice, or workplace accidents. In Oklahoma, hundreds of people are injured in car accidents every year, and these injuries can have life-altering consequences and cost hundreds of dollars. A car accident attorney can help ensure you receive the compensation needed to cover these costs.

Oklahoma Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence occurs when a trusted medical professional fails to deliver a standard level of care. This is different from adverse events which are unforeseen injuries during the treatment of a patient that were the result of the medical problem instead of the medical professional. There are also system errors, which are unintentional human mistakes during medical treatment.

Instead, medical negligence in Oklahoma is when a medical professional intentionally disobeys medical standards of care. In some cases, the doctor does not give a patient the right dose of medicine, forces a patient into treatment, or conducts medically unnecessary tests on a patient. Some specific examples of medical malpractice include ignoring lab results, failing to diagnose, failure to obtain informed consent for a medical procedure, leaking patient confidential information without patient consent, surgical errors and similar actions.

Automobile Accidents in Oklahoma City

Injuries from Oklahoma automobile accidents vary depending on the severity of the crash. Personal injuries from these types of accidents often involve soft tissue injuries, but may also be more severe, like spinal cord injuries, which can be debilitating if not treated. These injuries are measured by the type, length of time to recover, and medical cost for treatment.

Long-term injuries can last about a year on average, but severe injuries are permanently disabling and often negatively affect whether an individual can be employed. The costs of medical treatment alone can be pricey, but the cost of long-term treatment for nearly a year can damage an individual’s finances.

Some insurance companies will compensate you for your financial losses, but others may dispute your liability or refuse to pay you any money, in most cases, because they do not believe that the other driver was at fault for any injuries you sustained. It is at this moment that an Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer may be able to help you build a strong defense to obtain fair compensation by reaching a settlement with the insurance company. The same can apply for medical malpractice claims.

Legal Help in Oklahoma City

If you are struggling with a similar situation, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation. No one should have to pay for someone else’s damages. We specialize in personal injury cases of various kinds, from nursing home abuse to injuries sustained from automobile accidents.


Causes and Consequences of Oklahoma Truck Accidents

Causes and Consequences of Oklahoma Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can often lead to devastating wrecks and multiple car collisions, depending on the size of the truck. This can cause multiple injuries and potential lawsuits for the pain, suffering, and damages sustained. There are over 120,000 crashes involving at least one large truck in the United States every year. Many factors can contribute to a massive wreck, but if one of those factors is negligence, then you may be able to hire an Oklahoma truck accident lawyer to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Causes of Truck Accidents

There are three main critical events that can lead to a large truck crash; running out of lane space, loss of vehicular control, and colliding with a vehicle in the same lane. Bad weather, vehicle system failure, and bad roads have all been shown to improve the likelihood of these truck accidents in Oklahoma.

Causes and Consequences of Oklahoma Truck AccidentsIn terms of truck drivers, accidents may be caused by the driver falling asleep, having a heart attack or seizure, driving while distracted, following cars too closely, driving too fast in bad weather, or by misjudging the actions of other cars. When driving on the road, especially for a long time, it can become difficult to maintain road safety norms, but it’s no excuse to potentially put others in danger.

Consequences of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are generally at low-risk for severe injuries as their large vehicles typically protect them and harm others, truck drivers usually suffer fatalities only if other trucks are involved in the crash.

The larger size of trucks may lead to greater chances of multiple car collisions and subsequently greater changes of catastrophic injuries. These injuries can have long-term negative effects on victims and their families, especially when considering the medical bills and time necessary to recover.

What to do After an Oklahoma Truck Accident

The first and most important thing to do after any car crash is to make sure that you are not seriously injured with a broken neck, bones, internal bleeding, or external bleeding. After checking yourself, you should check on the others involved the truck accident and call for medical services, even if injuries may seem mild. A police report is a source of vital information in your case so it’s best to call 911.

While waiting for emergency services to arrive, it is also a good idea to document the scene by collecting contact information from the driver and witnesses, and taking pictures of injuries and vehicle damages as evidence to be used later on. An Oklahoma truck accident lawyer can help determine how best to move forward, but it never hurts to have the evidence on hand.

Furthermore, a lawyer can determine if the truck accident involved contributory negligence or comparative negligence. This distinction can make a huge difference as contributory negligence means you receive no compensation and comparative negligence means you can receive a fair amount of compensation.

Oklahoma Auto Accident Attorney

If you are dealing with a truck accident and need advice, contact the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 for a free consultation. No one should have to pay for someone else’s negligent behavior. We specialize in personal injury cases of various kinds and can help defend your rights during this difficult time.


Determining Liability in an Oklahoma Car Crash

Determining Liability in an Oklahoma Car Crash

Car crashes can happen unexpectedly and often at the worst of times when you may not have coverage or when you have coverage, but not enough to cover all of the medical bills if you suffer serious and debilitating injuries. The good news is that with the right car accident attorney at your side, you can obtain monetary compensation to cover the cost of your injuries and recovery. If you’ve suffered injuries in an Oklahoma car crash, the experienced auto accident lawyers at the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds are here to help. 

Determining Liability and Negligence

While it is possible to obtain fair compensation after an Oklahoma car accident, the success of your case depends on two main factors; liability and negligence. Negligence covers a broad range of actions, but in the case of a car wreck, negligence means that the driver was either not following the law or drove in a careless or reckless manner. 

Liability attributes fault to the negligent driver and states that the negligent driver is liable for any damages the resulted from the wreck. This can include car damages, possibly road damages, and medical expenses from injuries sustained by victims due to the accident. 

What to Do After a Car Crash

The first thing you should do after a car accident is to seek medical attention and contact that police. Even if the seems Determining Liability in an Oklahoma Car Crashminor, contacting the police will ensure that a police report can be filed which can be important for evidence in your case. Seeking out medical attention will put your injuries n record and can help avoid the consequences of injuries that may not be apparent immediately after the crash. 

If a tow is required, some insurance companies cover this expense, so be sure to request the tow through your insurance company. If possible, you should also take pictures of the accident and your injuries or ask someone else at the scene to do so for you.  The others driver’s contact information and insurance information can prove invaluable in defending your claim as the more witness who can corroborate your perspective, the more likely your case will succeed.

Reasons to Hire an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer

When the accident was not your fault and the insurance company does not provide a sufficient enough compensation to cover all of your medical costs and other expenses, a car accident personal injury lawyer can help. Personal injury lawyers specialize in injuries caused by accidents and therefore have experience and a deeper understanding that improves their negotiation skills with the insurance company and provides them with ways around obstacles that others may miss.

Car Accident Legal Help

If you are struggling with a similar situation, the Law Firm of Griffin Reynolds at (405) 721-9500 is available for a free consultation to discuss your case. We specialize in personal injury cases of various kinds, from nursing home abuse to injuries sustained from automobile accidents, and we’re ready to fight for your rights.

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What You Should Do When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma

For many Oklahoma families, the decision to place an elderly relative in the care of an assisted-living facility is an agonizing decision that involves numerous challenges. When a family finally commits to a nursing home, they’ve often spent hours, days, weeks, and even months vetting the institution.

Even after all of this work, elderly residents often become the victims of neglect or outright abuse at the hands of nursing home staff. Some cases involve serious injuries, financial exploitation, and even death. Knowing the signs and understanding the laws in Oklahoma that oversee this kind of abuse can better prepare you and your loved ones in the event that you suspect neglect.

Do you think that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect in Oklahoma? You should contact our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your options. It’s never too late to protect those you care about, and we at Griffin Reynolds Law would like to help.

Oklahoma Nursing Home Abuse Laws

nursing home abuse lawyer OKCUnder Oklahoma law, abuse “means the willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation or punishment, with resulting physical harm, impairment or mental anguish” and can take many forms including physical bruising and other injuries.  It also includes psychological torment.

Family members should familiarize themselves with the possible signs of neglect or financial exploitation. Typical examples of each include:

  • Physical Abuse — Cuts, scratches, bruises, or other signs of physical injuries.
  • Emotional Abuse — Residents are becoming more reserved or secluded, or expressing fear of certain staff members.
  • Neglect — Unsanitary living conditions, bedsores, dirty clothes, or simple malnutrition.
  • Financial Exploitation — Sudden unexplained changes to wills or other estate planning documents, large cash withdrawals, or missing credit cards.

Steps to Take if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Oklahoma

When you suspect that your loved one might be the victim of elder abuse, you will want to take specific steps. Be sure to document all of the signs that you notice, including pictures of any visible injuries and banking account or other financial transaction information.

Above all, you should certainly speak to your elderly relative to not only have him or her explain what occurred but also to let him or her know that you care and will make sure he or she will not be subjected to any further harm. In some cases, this means speaking to the supervisor of the institution, but it may also require removing your loved one from their care.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Oklahoma

An attorney may be able to file a legal claim against a negligent nursing home to pursue various damages. Victims may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.

If you think your loved one might be the victim of elder abuse in Oklahoma, it is in your best interest to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. The lawyers at Griffin Reynolds Law will fight to protect your rights and hold all negligent parties accountable.

Don’t wait for the situation to get worse. Our experienced, Oklahoma City nursing home abuse lawyers are available at 405 721-9500 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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Understanding Different Kinds of Spinal Cord Injuries

Any spinal cord injury can lead to a lifetime of challenges for victims. While a variety of Oklahoma accidents can cause spinal cord injuries, the impact a spinal cord injury has on a person greatly depends on the specific location of the injury and the severity of that injury.

If you or someone you love been injured due to the negligence of another, an Oklahoma personal injury attorney can help you secure the compensation you need to recover. We at Griffin Reynolds Law are here to fight beside you during this difficult time. Call us at 405 721-9500 for a free consultation

Oklahoma Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

spinal cord injuries lawyer OKCNot all spinal cord injuries are the same. Some people may be able to regain the ability to move and operate normally through treatment and rehabilitation, but many others are forced to deal with symptoms that dramatically affect their daily living.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is typically classified as being complete or incomplete. An incomplete spinal cord injury involves only partial severance of a spinal cord and usually allows a person to retain some function below the affected area, but a complete spinal cord injury involves the cord being entirely severed and results in loss of all feeling and ability to control movement below the affected area.

The spinal cord is comprised of 31 nerve segments that are broken into five regions:

  • Cervical (C1-C8) — The uppermost part of the spinal cord in which injuries may cause the most widespread complications, including loss of feeling and ability to control arms and legs.
  • Thoracic (T1-T12) — Occurring in the middle of the spinal cord, these injuries can affect a person’s legs and muscles below the waist, but hands and arms are usually unaffected.
  • Lumbar (L1-L5) — The lower back region of the spinal cord, injuries to this area can also affect body functions below the waist (such as the ability to control bowel movements), but again, hands and arms are usually not affected.
  • Sacral — The nerves at the lower end of the spinal cord. These injuries also affect parts of the body below the waist.
  • Coccyx — Also known as the tailbone, injuries to the coccygeal segment typically cause pain but generally do not affect function.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

Common incomplete spinal cord injuries include anterior cord syndrome, central cord syndrome, and Brown-Sequard syndrome.  Complete spinal cord injuries include:

  • Tetraplegia or Quadriplegia — Paralysis of all limbs.
  • Paraplegia — Paralysis of the legs and the lower half of the body.
  • Triplegia — Paralysis of one arm and both legs.

Car Accident Lawyer in Oklahoma

Did you or your loved one sustain a spinal cord injury in Oklahoma as the result of another party’s negligence? Do not speak to any insurance company without first contacting the team at Griffin Reynolds Law.

As members of the community, our Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and fighting for them. Contact us at 405 721-9500 for a free consultation to review your case.